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Help with applying math to the table !

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Help with applying math to the table !

Post by sherlok11 on January 8th 2012, 5:53 am

I have readed the book poker math that matters...

Now the first problem, I can use my pot odds and there is a little chart in the book but everyone is on the 0,002/0,004 micro is is betting 2x the size of the pot... so I need 40% equity to win so then im 2nd problem how can I count my outs If I dont know what my opponent has... everyone is just rasing and calling with 27 to 10-3 doenst matter in position or out.. so how can apply my math to call or fold when I can't count my outs and they are betting 2x the size of the pot which needs me constantly a monster hand on the flop to call....

What do you use only on the table online when you are grinding : counting the outs and the pot odds ? and then you decide to call or fold.....or more ?

And now I know the math I still dont know how big my bet mus be or how high my raise with which hands.. etc.

pfff to difficult ... I just want to know what I must study to be a winning player on the micro/small stakes .... now with al this math pot odds & outs im feeling im playing even worse ath the micro

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