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request for game moiderator-gamemaster

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request for game moiderator-gamemaster

Post by dra321 on October 15th 2011, 7:26 am

GunZ IGN: dra321
Age: 15
Country: America
Desired position: Game moderator -GameMaster
Languages you speak: English - bit spanish

E-mail: kj_loveday@yahoo.com

Coding Languages you know: nope
Coding Experience: i've coded rsps for myself or for friends
Coding Softwares you use:none

Designing Softwares you use: blender
Which version of Photoshop do you own? none
Do you have the nVidia DDS plug-in?nope
Examples of your graphic art work: n/a

Do you know how to create .ani files?no
Do you know how to create .elu files?no
Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file?
noDo you know how to encrypt .mrs file?no
Do you know how to work with Hex Workshop?no
Do you know how to edit XML files?no

Can you create GunZ Maps?Tryed unsuccsessful
Experience with map lighting [light map]:no
Do you create your own textures?no
Examples of your map/texture work:N/a

3D Modeling Experience:Blender but confuses me i cant work with it to well
3D Modeling Softwares you use:blender
Examples of your modeling work:N/a

Do you know about .php/.html files?ya
Do you know how to make .php/html files?ya
Do you know how to edit .php/html files?ya
Examples of web templates:www.dark-lords.yolasite.com - posts - forum link also

Do you speak English well?ya
Communication ability:strong
Are you mature?yes, i got my imuture mmoments though

Personality: Active , shy , easy going, funny
Pros: i help out alot , im good at advertising, im very good at gunz lol, and i am very good at understanding peoples problems.
Cons:im not to good at designing tbh. and i might not come on every week but more than 5/7 days

Do you know anything about database setup, MSSQL server or WAMP? If so, explain.no
Do you have TeamViewer?ya

Are you willing to stay with InfectiveZone until the end by all means?yes
Why do you want to apply for Staff?To help the server out and help the players out
Anything else: i live in chicago, and im good at puting cap in a website and links and ect. html's all that good stuff lol. thx for reading this 51 posts - requirments 30-50.

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Re: request for game moiderator-gamemaster

Post by Darkest on October 15th 2011, 8:30 am

pfff dude up to Tai and dom
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Re: request for game moiderator-gamemaster

Post by Unity on October 15th 2011, 1:00 pm

Locked for now until Dom responds.


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Re: request for game moiderator-gamemaster

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