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Q/A's: InfectiveGunz

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Q/A's: InfectiveGunz

Post by Unity on September 20th 2011, 10:21 am

Time for Q/A's of our client.

  • Q: No iLaunch.exe?
  • A: The only reason why there is not iLaunch.exe is because your anti-virus is detecting it as a virus and removing it. If it removes it, you can try to disable your anti-virus, uninstall, or try to make an exception to your list. Click here for the iLaunch.exe file.

  • Q: How come I don't see the server list?
  • A: This happens only because the server is down, your ports not forwarded, or you firewall is turned on. One of these could be the main reason, if so, you can figure that on your own or ask for some help.

  • Q: Why does the client crashes are "Loading mesh..."?
  • A: This is because either a .elu file is missing/corrupted or there was a mistake while we were adding/editing files to the updates.

  • Q: Whenever I /suicide and respawn, I am staying still (can't move anywhere)?
  • A: Well, I have tried to figure out why it does it (still trying to find out), it's whenever our MatchServer.exe starts it forgets about the spawn time of the /suicide command, so I'm guessing once you /suicide (whoever does it) it won't happen again that's if the Gunz Server Manager.exe doesn't restart due to the effects of our MatchAgent.exe closes for no reason.

  • Q: Why do I get this screen/FPS lag?
  • A: Because you either have a high processing programs within your computer, or you have low RAM. Minimum requirements to play Gunz is normally at least 1GB of RAM.

  • Q: Why do I keep on getting disconnected?
  • A: This happens averagely, it's because your internet can't take much and decides to rest for a bit, or something is causing this problem from within the client files.

  • Q: Why does some items have no model or something else?
  • A: This is because we, as the staff team, could have made a possible mistake while doing some updates but forgot to test to see if it works.

*More will be posted if any issues occurs.


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