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GFX Developer/Coder/Maybe Administrator :l

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GFX Developer/Coder/Maybe Administrator :l

Post by ImJustHere on August 11th 2011, 2:48 pm

About You: I love to skateboard and BMX.
*GunZ IGN: You havent even made your server yet -__-
*Age: 13
*Country: USA
*Desired position: GFX/Coder
*Languages you speak: English & Spanish

*E-mail: almosthadit @ live .co m
*MSN: almosthadit @ live .co m

Coding Languages you know: MRS and Server Coding
Coding Experience: Ive coded my own server before
Coding Softwares you use: a database?

Graphic Designing Experience: 3 years.
Designing Softwares you use: photoshop cs5
Which version of Photoshop do you own? cs5
Do you have the nVidia DDS plug-in? Wtf is this?
Examples of your graphic art work: it doesnt let me post my photobucket link so ya, contact me for it.

Do you know how to create .ani files?yesh
Do you know how to create .elu files? yesh
Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file? yesh
Do you know how to encrypt .mrs file?yesh
Do you know how to work with Hex Workshop? a little
Do you know how to edit XML files? eww no

Can you create GunZ Maps? nope
Experience with map lighting [light map]: a little bit
Do you create your own textures? yesh
Examples of your map/texture work: i dont have any if i cant.

3D Modeling Experience: Like an hour
3D Modeling Softwares you use: Blender 3D
Examples of your modeling work: its in my photobucket ^^

Do you speak English well? Yes
*Communication ability: confused
*Are you mature? yes

*Personality:Chill and funny
*Pros: o_O?
*Cons: o_O?

Do you know anything about database setup, MSSQL server or WAMP? If so, explain. yes
Do you have TeamViewer? yes

*Why do you want to apply for Staff? I dont know i guess i just want to help out your community.
*Anything else: Have fun?


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Re: GFX Developer/Coder/Maybe Administrator :l

Post by Unity on August 11th 2011, 3:03 pm

ImJustHere wrote:
Do you have the nVidia DDS plug-in? Wtf is this?

The DDS has to deal with Gunz stuff.

Anyways, accepted.


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